Thursday, June 26, 2008

A story from work

I have to share this one. Any identifying details are omitted to protect the innocent disgruntled.
Pissy Ebay Seller: "I was selling Frontline and Advantage products on Ebay, but they got pulled! How come?"
Me: "There could be several reasons. Were they registered in the US?"
PES: "Well, no. I buy them from Great Britain. They're just like the US products, just not registered! How come they're telling me they're "counterfeit"?"
Me: "Because they are. All pesticides have to be registered with the EPA before they can be sold in the US."
PES: "That's not fair! I can't make as much profit if I have to register them!"
Me: "That's the law."
PES: "So what you've created here is socialism!"
Me: "?"
PES: "These products are sold in GB, are you saying they're not good enough to sell in the US?"

Me: "I'm saying it's the law, and that it's set up to protect consumers from being sold chemicals that don't meet US standards. In the past, children have been hurt by counterfeit pesticides."
PES: "But MY products are ok, I promise!"
Me: "Um, here's the number for EPA's registration office. Take it up with them."