Friday, June 19, 2009

Boring technical note + slobber

My home computer died, and it was the only machine that had Photoshop. Until I (OK, I mean Tom) gets it fixed, all the .RAW photos on my camera are stuck in non-jpeg limbo.

Zelda is as upset as I am:

(Photo by Tom)

Isn't that the most beautiful arc of slobber you've ever seen? The way it glistens in the light, forming a near-perfect half circle in the air. You know that a moment later it fell to earth, to be trampled and forgotten but for this image, this ghost of a memory. I think it speaks about the transience of life... or something.

(By the way, Zelda was so moved by that last paragraph that she started dancing):

(Another photo by Tom DO YOU SEE WHAT I'M REDUCED TO?)

This better be resolved by next week. I'm going to the Inavale Horse Trials and I'd love to be able to, y'know, edit those pics in a timely fashion.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Paws in the Park


Went with my agility group to the Paws in the Park fundraiser for SafeHaven Humane Society. We did a few demos, and the instructor and more advanced students (ie, not me) guided people through the obstacles with their dogs.





I was so proud of Zelda. She's fine in crowds and around other dogs, but we haven't done much work on being left alone or sitting still. I brought her crate and set it where she could see other dogs playing on the equipment (something that drives her NUTS - I think she just can't stand the idea that OTHER dogs get to play when she can't) and we worked on lying there quietly. She did great, but her attention span is still pretty short, and after about 15-20 minutes she gets restless. So we made the times in the crate short. There was a lot of walking around looking at the activities, booths and vendors, anyway.


She also did really well when it was our turn to do a demo. The wind was blowing, there was a crowd, there was no fence around the equipment, and this is only our third time doing things outside of class.

Now. Can anyone tell me what genes mixed together to produce this:


The owner's guess is Jack Russel and lab!? I think there must be a significant amount of either dachshund or basset hound in there. Interesting.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Horse and bird friends


I went to snap some photos of some horses that live next to a park I go to with Zelda. I noticed they had a friend today.



This little bird was sitting on the bay's withers, and you can see the little white spots of poo - he's been hanging out there for a while! He clung there like a cute little feathered barnacle even when the horse trotted 50 yards away.


He only flew away when I got too close. I felt bad for a moment, and the bay is all, "where's my pal?"


But not to worry. Mr. Bird just flew back to an alternate perch.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009