Sunday, July 29, 2012

Things accomplished this weekend

- Seven kittens sent to Portland to be neutered and adopted out.

- Three kittens freshly vaccinated and dewormed and sent into local foster home.

- One adult cat delivered to his new home in Eugene.

- One friend (who I haven't seen in a year) hung out with.

- One wedding attended.

- Six hundred miles traveled.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Things acomplished this weekend

~ Worked a half-day on Saturday.

~ Took Zelda, Sammy, and the husband to the river. The dogs got exercise, Tom got some vitamin D (a known deficiency in computer nerds), I got some photos and collected interesting things;  a usable fishing lure, some sparkly black sand, and some agates.
~ Finished Game of Thrones season two. OK, so not really an accomplishment
~ Three loads of laundry
~ Updated some Petfinder profiles for rescue dogs.
~ Cleaned the bedroom/office
~ Loaded up a box of old clothes for Good Will
~ Cleaned the patio, watered the container garden, snacked on some fresh peas, weeded, ate three strawberries, picked two squashes
~ Vaccinated 8 kittens at two different locations and delivered kitten milk replacer
~ Harvested cilantro seeds from one of my patio containers

~ Trimmed toenails on Zelda, Sammy and both foster puppies. It was the pups' first nail trimming, so we took it slow; about five minutes per foot (treats were tiny bits of stale corn chips)
~ Brewed a quart of ice tea and drank half of it
~ Made a batch of guacamole and ATE IT ALL

Puppy Action Shots




Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's too hot to play fetch

It's 103 outside today. Time for a couples rounds of Warblegarble!

Zelda prefers to hang back, while Sammy likes to be as close to the action as possible. We usually play this game until she vomits.

(Video two has BONUS! Confused Foster Puppy footage.)