Monday, August 13, 2007

Horse Camping 2007


Leading a horse to water (and I think he even drank)...

When camping with the horses, we usually keep them on a highline (when there isn't a corral available). This year dad decided to try something a little different. A solar powered electric fence - in the middle of the wilderness!


This tiny-looking panel charges a battery that the hot tape is 'plugged in' to. It's really that simple, and it worked wonderfully.


There wasn't much extra set-up time, since all you're doing is basically wrapping hot tape around trees. There was also less worry about trees being damaged, well, the trunks were safe, anyway. Because the horses could move around a lot more, they seemed to churn up the ground more than usual, and I wonder about damage to the roots (there was certainly none visible, and I would guess it's negligible since we're only there for a few days).

While the horses could and did lie down when tied on the highline, they could certainly stretch out and roll more easily.


Poe gives it the LazyHorse Blinky Face of Approval:
(Yes, that's his breakfast he's laying in).

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