Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Old photos of the author


The period of my life which shall henceforth be known as The Great Scanning Project of '08 is finally finished. Except for a few stragglers, 1,677 of my family's photos are now in digital form and online via Flickr. Praise jeebus. For a while, my entire life was scanning/photoshopping/uploading.

Also, all these pictures of young Suzanne are very... telling...

Here we have a typical young Suzanne on a summer day circa the 1990.


Here's a beautifully crafted cardboard maze I made for some mice. Unfortunately (or fortunately, from my parents' and the mice's point of view), I couldn't catch any, so I put some snakes in it instead:


...and frolicking with a puppy


Back before my family caught on to that crazy "spay/neuter" fad, my hobby was donning winter coat and ski gloves and catching feral kittens in the barn. Here's a couple of the more tame ones:


My family went camping a lot


We had a big garden, too.


See where I get it from?

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