Monday, April 6, 2009

The weekend was one for firsts-of-the-year.

The first turkey vulture sighting, first 70 + degree day, first of the garden planting, first sun-induced coma:


I had to work Saturday, so I've had all day today to garden, and I feel quite productive. Yesterday I went to the parents' and got three large buckets of well-aged horse-poo. I found a really good spot in the manure pile this year - it's black, crumbly, and full of worms. Beautiful.

From Poe's butt to my dinner table. Mmmm...

poo to food

Most of the work today was preparation for planting next month. Still too early for a lot of planting. Pulled the grass that grew up in the bark mulch around the raised beds. Squished many a slug between my fingers in the process. Plowed up the beds and mixed in the manure and ta da:


We've got the greens bed with two rows of salad mix and one row of spinach (with Bonus! anti-cat chicken wire protective covering) and the tomato bed, ready for transplants... next month.

I also sowed some basil in the container outside, catnip in a pot inside (on a high shelf - there were a few crumbling, dried leaves still in the pot from last year, and even that was enough to have both cats follow me all over the house for 20 minutes after I touched it). I have parsley and chives volunteering from last year, and wee little cilantro sprouts in the other outdoor container. I sowed a few fresh seeds in there, just in case the volunteers are spotty.

I've also been eyeing this cute patch of wild flowers that sprang up under the bench. I like them, and shall spare them from the weed wacker and may even water them occasionally.


The front yard still needs a lot of work, but that's where the peas and squashes are going, so it can wait a while.


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