Monday, October 26, 2009


Once again, Gina Spadafori is more succinct and elegant than I could be:

"Because if you’re going to eat meat — and I do, and so do my dogs and cats — you’re going to kill or have something killed on your behalf. (Actually, that’s even true of vegans: Countless numbers of small birds and animals are killed when those soy fields are harvested. It’s a fact: It you live, something will die. It’s the circle of life, folks, and one day you, yes you and me, too, will be the food for maggots, beetles and bacteria.)"

There's not many people I find myself agreeing with all the time, but she appears to be one of them.

(Dad got a black tail yesterday. In his words, "We eat good this winter")


Retrieverman said...

The white-tail buck season coincides with Thanksgiving in West Virginia. As a result, we always got the whole week off for Thanksgiving, which we always called Deer Season. Thanksgiving? Oh that's when everyone eats turkey and watches football, after spending the previous morning in the woods (or spending the previous three days at deer camp hunting beer.)

The rut right now is in full swing.

That means the bucks are swollen up and muscled in such a way that they resemble fighting bulls from Spain. And they are so amorous that they lose all caution when crossing the road.

CyborgSuzy said...

Interesting. Western Oregon deer season is done well before Thanksgiving and the rut. I don't mind; my dad taught me that things like scent lures and calls are "cheating" *G*.

Retrieverman said...

Well, in West Virginia, there are so many deer that you don't need those things. You just need to go into the woods and wait. There is almost no sport in it. If you want a big troph deer, you may have to do some homework, but if you want a doe to eat, it's very easy to get one. Of course, during the Thanksgiving deer season, you can kill only bucks. The doe season follows, then a muzzleloader season.

It's not deer season if it's not snowing, although one year it was 80 degrees on opening day (thank you, climate change!)

Retrieverman said...

Black-tailed deer are like the red wolf and spotted owl. If you ask two taxonomists what one is, you're likely to get two different answers.