Saturday, November 28, 2009

No-Kill myths and resources

I'll go ahead and admit that I've drunk of the Winograd koolaid long and deep.

This post is mainly for my own reference.

~No Kill Advocacy Center
~The no kill nation
~Maddie's Fund

Bite-sized articles:
~What the naysayers say
~Why naysayers are in denial
~No Kill Philosophy in a nutshell
~The no kill equation
~What are animal shelters for?
~Video on animal sheltering
~Pet overpopulation is a myth
~Pet overpopulation is a myth
~Pet overpopulation is a myth
~Pet Underpopulation
~More myths
~Clearing up confusion
~By the numbers
~More tips to stop the killing
~2 myths debunked: "warehousing" and "limited admission"
~Myth of limited admission
~"Why can't I just be happy that at least some shelter pets are saved, even if most are killed?"
~Blaming the public
~Blaming the public
~Not trusting the public
~Sample success stories
~Success stories
~Success story in Chicago
~Why people don't adopt
~Disgruntled former employee is negative about new no-kill policies
~success story in rural VA
~blue-light-specials: not a bad thing
~More adoptions are always possible (bluelight specials!)
~Success story in NV
~What works in Calgary
~Shelters are for animals in need
~Cruel to be kind?
~Don't trust the public
~No kill policies save money
~Awesome policy for seniors and senior pets
~Fewer impounds equals less killing
~No kill is what the public wants
~Statement to NYS Legislature in Support of Oreo’s Law
~What's so scary about not killing shelter pets?

Not all shelters are "just doing the best they can"
~Shelter Tour
~Killing lost dogs and staff charged with animal cruelty
~Shelter kills Oreo despite alternative
~Poor financial decisions in San Fran
~No home is good enough
~Incenting ACO's to seize pets
~Killing before trying in NY
~Shelter directors can be heartless and lazy
~Shelter managers aren't always compassionate
~More people who weren't good enough to adopt
~Homes that are good enough
~Killing kittens
~Volunteers fired for caring for kittens
~Toronto Humane Society
~Shelter laziness
~No kill confusion
~It won't work if you don't try
~Judge to shelter: stop killing redeemable pets
~County tells shelter volunteers to shut up about problems
~Dead cats and politics in Toronto shelter
~Shelter kills lost police dog
~Shelters who silence critics
~Some GA shelter numbers and apathy
~Discouraging adoption and high kill rates
~Shelter killed owner's dogs, doesn't know what happened
~Needless cruelty by shelter workers in NC


Retrieverman said...

About the only thing about which I disagree with Winograd is the feral cat problem.

My solution to it is very simple-- coyotes, lots and lots of coyotes.

CyborgSuzy said...

Winograd's main solution to feral cats (trap neuter release) certainly won't work in all situations. It seems to be most successful where there are established colonies of feral cats in urban or suburban areas.

In more rural areas, they're just part of the food chain anyway. Coyotes love them, bob cats and racoons kill them on sight, I've even saw a great horned owl take a kitten. So I'm not convinced that they are a problem... for MOST ecosystems anyway.