Monday, December 21, 2009

Local wildlife

IMG_8048 cougar sighting

As illustrated by diagram one, I live on the edge of a small town. But my house is also firmly ensconced in suburbia. Deer, coyotes, nutria, foxes, raccoons... they've all wandered to within less than 50 yards from my street, but I've never seen any come closer. I assume because of the lights and traffic.

My next door neighbor went out for a smoke two nights ago and practically stepped on on a cougar. They're not rare in this area, but it's strange that this one ventured so far into suburbia. According to the state trooper who stopped by, there have been four other sightings in the nearby neighborhoods.

Looks like we picked a good time to go to California. I'll have to ask mom to be extra careful not to let the cats out when she feeds them this week.

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