Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hay, Heat, Hernias

Where I live, the activity that involves driving out into a hay field in the middle of the summer heat to pick up, by hand, square hay bales and load them onto a truck or trailer, is called bucking hay (or, more precisely, "buckin' hay").

Question: what is this activity called for you? The other popular term I'm familiar with is "haulin' hay".

And if you are able to answer that question, that implies you're familiar with this activity. If that's the case, I salute you, comrade-in-arms! The unrelenting afternoon sun (can't stack dewy hay!); the dripping sweat; the billions of particles of dust and straw that stick to your skin and collect in crevices and undergarments; the million small cuts on your arms because it was too hot to wear long sleeves; having the point driven home that horses were created by nature mainly for the purpose of turning large amounts of dried grass into poop... there's nothing quite like it, is there?

1 comment:

MTWaggin said...

Buckin' Bales! Yup familiar with and avoid it at all costs! LOL