Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stair Steps

4:45am: Down the stairs (with the youngest puppy for her first pee of the day)
4:50am: Up the stairs (back to bed for a little longer)
6:05am: Down the stairs (with all the dogs for more pee breaks)
6:10am: Up the stairs (doggy breakfast time)
6:15am: Down the stairs (with all the dogs for the poo walk)
6:25am: Up the stairs (drop off two of the dogs, who did their business like pros)
6:26am: Down the stairs (with the one dog who was too distracted to poo earlier)
6:30am: Up the stairs (now I get breakfast and a shower)
7:10am: Down the stairs (with all the dogs and a Chuckit for some dumbball exercise)
7:40am: Up the stairs (fill Kongs, put dogs away)
7:45am: Down the stairs (off to work I go)
5:30pm: Up the stairs (so tired from work)
5:31pm: Down the stairs (all the dogs get a potty-and-run-around break)
5:45pm: Up the stairs (puppy dinner time)
5:50pm: Down the stairs (puppy poo walk and run around in the sage brush time)
6:45pm: Up the stairs (I get dinner now)
8:00pm: Down the stairs (pee break for all the dogs)
8:05pm: Up the stairs
9:00pm: Down the stairs (last pee break of the day for the older dogs)
9:05pm: Up the stairs
9:30pm: Down the stairs (last pee break for the youngest dog)
9:35pm: Up the stairs (I'm going to bed now)

I can haz house with yard nao plz??


Liz said...

Dare I ask how many stairs? It doesn't matter, really, because with that amount of trips, any stairs are too many.

I have the occasional nightmare of twenty one stairs from my old duplex upper and the six months spent carrying a hurt dog on potty breaks. Groceries, too, ugh. I ask the exercise gods for you to be spared and begin a life of less trips in the near future.

Oh, and I had fun watching the puppy play video, with the appearance of what I consider the world's greatest garbage can (simple human?) when Sammy got the zoomies near the end. Made me wonder, too, if your dogs respond to furniture rearranging like mine: wtf are you doing? why? puzzled?
But your pup didn't seem to care!

Suzanne said...

There are 18 steps. I will gladly trade back all the work required to keep up a yard/garden of a single level house.

As for the furniture, the dogs only care about it while we're carrying large, heavy objects around. That makes them a bit nervous.

Liz said...

I shudder at your count. May our respective numbers become insignificant someday... mine is still fresh despite leaving them behind.

To qualify furniture-moving on my end, it's not so much that their behavior suggests fear, it's more confusion. Lots of tilted heads and trying to sit in chairs or things before the spots are finalized. Like "recliner in the middle of the room-perfect, wait, it's being moved again...huh."
All speculation of course, but entertaining to me nonetheless. Thinking of rearranging things to mess with 'em, kidding. Plenty of more productive ways to get their minds working.

Jess said...

Oh, but think about what all those stairs are doing for your lower body. Work it, girl.

Suzanne said...

I try Jess, I try.