Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Belated Announcement

I've gone and fallen off the deep end and started my own animal rescue. Saint Jude preserve us.

No website yet, just a Petfinder and Facebook page.

I'm already deeply involved with Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue, but I guess I felt I needed more things to do in my life. I and my co-workers are constantly rescuing and rehoming cats, anyway, so we decided to make it official. With me as president, apparently. This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been deeply disappointed with the local animal shelter, but that's a story for another time. Next steps: a website and legal non-profit status. Then maybe some Petco grants. And then: the world!

Please. Send money and cat food.


Caitlin Karplus said...

Yes! Awesome! I approve. I went and "liked" your page on Facebook. Also, I'd like to inquire about adopting the dog on the Facebook profile picture for this group. She's adorable and if you let me adopt her I'll give your organization a million dollars. What do you think?

CyborgSuzy said...

Two million and you've got a deal.