Thursday, June 14, 2012

Guess the breed mix

Three 14-week-old puppies from the same litter (the chance of multiple dads is very very low).

Hint: they're a mix of three different, well-known breeds. The dam is "purebred" something, the sire is half and half.

I'll post photos of the parents in a few days.





Jess said...

Chihuahua, Doxie, and ?

You don't really need blinds on your glass doors to reduce the light when you have dogs, do you? Just don't clean the snooters off! ;)

Caitlin Karplus said...

Dachshund, dalmatian, and something? Am I totally demonstrating my ignorance of dog breeds?

Suzanne said...

Caitlin, you spelled "dachshund" right, so you get bonus points.