Sunday, July 22, 2012

Things acomplished this weekend

~ Worked a half-day on Saturday.

~ Took Zelda, Sammy, and the husband to the river. The dogs got exercise, Tom got some vitamin D (a known deficiency in computer nerds), I got some photos and collected interesting things;  a usable fishing lure, some sparkly black sand, and some agates.
~ Finished Game of Thrones season two. OK, so not really an accomplishment
~ Three loads of laundry
~ Updated some Petfinder profiles for rescue dogs.
~ Cleaned the bedroom/office
~ Loaded up a box of old clothes for Good Will
~ Cleaned the patio, watered the container garden, snacked on some fresh peas, weeded, ate three strawberries, picked two squashes
~ Vaccinated 8 kittens at two different locations and delivered kitten milk replacer
~ Harvested cilantro seeds from one of my patio containers

~ Trimmed toenails on Zelda, Sammy and both foster puppies. It was the pups' first nail trimming, so we took it slow; about five minutes per foot (treats were tiny bits of stale corn chips)
~ Brewed a quart of ice tea and drank half of it
~ Made a batch of guacamole and ATE IT ALL

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