Tuesday, January 1, 2013

...or I could let this retired Navy dude do my writing for me

If you don't like what I have to say about current gun laws in the US, maybe you'll listen to this guy instead:

"Implemented correctly, laws gradually change our culture and society and make certain behaviors less likely... If a law does prevent crime, so much the better, but that’s not the law’s primary function... If you own a car, you're responsible for certain things. We make you meet certain minimal requirements, we make you pass a test, we make you buy a license. We penalize you if you don’t use your car correctly, or if you operate it in an unsafe manner, or if you don’t maintain it with the minimum required safety features (or if you don’t use them), or if you modify it beyond acceptable limits.  We make you buy insurance. If you drink and drive, you get to go to jail even if you don’t kill anybody. ..
Laws don’t stop vehicular crimes, but they for damned sure give us, society, at least some assurance that the majority of people operating vehicles on our roads meet some minimal qualifications and that there are legal penalties for those that fail to live up to their responsibilities – and those laws give us, society, legal recourse when all else fails.
We don't even do that much for gun ownership.
There is absolutely no reason for me to assume that you’re a responsible gun owner. 
And that’s the problem.
Because far, far too many Americans aren’t."


Lisa Deon said...

CS! I finally have a chance to catch up! Your dogs look amazing. I miss my Border collie... Congrats on the pregnancy, in my next book the heroine is preggers with twins. Also, I'm a gun owner, and I went and got my Utah CFP, which was a joke. 4 hours of sitting in a class, and POOF!!! I'm legal. Now, I have guns and I've shot guns, but the idea that "I" know anything about them other than which end not to hold up to my eye and look down is absurd.

I promise to stop by more frequently and see what you are up to. Oh, and I rode Dreamer until I was 7 months along with no ill effects. I only quit because my center of balance went all wacky at that point. And I drank wine- Not an entire bottle per day, but a glass here and there, and The Kid is now 19 and very intelligent.

Anyway, good luck!

SLC Slave Driver

Suzanne said...

Yeah, I'm still roller skating on the sidelines during regular derby practice, even though it's one of the "forbidden" activities for all pregnant women. But it's the best exercise, and exercise is good while you're pregnant. I also know women who rode horses right into their third trimesters. Like driving in a car, it's a calculated risk.