Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blind/deaf puppy needs home

UPDATE 2/25/12: Well, the adopter changed their minds - this puppy still needs a home, or to be transferred to another rescue where it will have a better chance at finding a home.

UPDATE 2/24/12: A permanent home has been found for the pup, thanks to everyone who shared.

Trying to boost the signal on this puppy who I just found out about this morning.

Pendleton, Oregon: This puppy is 8 weeks old, an Australian Shepherd, and probably a female, but I'm not sure. She is mostly blind and deaf and needs a home. She is currently under the care of Pendleton PAWS (AKA Pioneer Humane Society). There is no other info on her at this time, but you can contact Sherry of PAWS at 541 - four-two-nine - 2808 or email: for more information.

PAWS is reluctant to transfer this puppy to another rescue, but I'd personally like for someone who has experience with blind dogs to contact them and at least offer advice and/or convince them to transfer to a specialized rescue. I'm sure they're capable of finding her a home, however I don't think anyone at PAWS has experience with blind/deaf dogs and they've already mentioned the possibility of euthanizing her if a home isn't found.

I have it on good (but third hand) authority that the breeder of the puppy threatened to shoot her before giving her up to PAWS. This is not suprising, and of course means she was the product of a purposeful merle to merle breeding.

Of course, all the readers of this blog know how unethical it is to do a double merle breeding, right?


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