Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Make Dog Food

"Make" in this case is almost over stating it. My fridge and freezer needed to be cleaned out, so the dogs got a mix of what wasn't completely bad. I try to make it a good mix of protien, carbs, veggies/fruits, but I don't obsess over precisely balancing anything, and I'm quite loose with portion sizes.  Most of the time the dogs get kibble (which I call 'astronaut food'). This batch fed two border collies for about 5 days.

Bear meat, really sinewy. The most work I put into this 'recipe' was cooking it in a stew-like substance. Hence how soupy the end product turned out.
Strawberry pulp leftover from making ice cream earlier that day
A stray can of tomato juice left here from when my mother in law visited. No one else is gonna drink it, so into the pot it goes
Left over white rice
Old, hairy carrots
Frozen peas
Garden tomatoes that were getting a wee soft
Freezer burned turkey
Freezer burned ham chunks
Leftover ravioli
Fresh spinach that wasn't so 'fresh' anymore
Random packet of oyster crackers I spotted nearby

Add a bit of salt and mix it all together and voila: dog food.

This is how much they love this stew: normally I set their food bowls down about 10 feet apart in the kitchen. I stand nearby until they're done because otherwise Zelda will kick Sammy off her dish. If I stand nearby, no such shenanigans occur. When fed this delish home made food, they have to be fed at least 15 feet apart or in separate rooms, because they growl and snark at each other the entire time they eat.

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