Sunday, August 10, 2014

All Natural BS

My baby is fourteen months old now. Plenty coordinated enough to hold a bottle or sippy cup on her own, but I still feed her on my lap when I can. Like when she was younger, she will completely relax into my arms, glassy eyed and limp except for slowly fidgeting hands. It's very sweet and relaxing, and I know soon she will graduate out of babyhood and moments like this will be gone. I'm enjoying it while I can, even though it's during these moments that I still get occasional twinges of regret (salted with guilt, of course) for not being able to breast feed past five months. "In the wild" humans would breast feed until at least age seven or eight, right? Stealing a few minutes to feed a bottle of cow's milk to my one year old is hardly "natural". Then I quickly remember that, "in the wild", my baby and I would both be dead, killed due to minor complications I experienced during childbirth. Nothing "natural" about me being alive in the first place, why would I wring my hands over the way my daughter gets nutrition (especially since she's incredibly healthy and happy.)

Fuck "natural", or, at least, the version of the concept our society is currently using. What, after all, could be more natural than using our big, naturally-derived brains to invent helpful technology?

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Belladonna Took said...

Sweet baby girl!I want to see her again. And you guys need to claim your child-free time, too!