Tuesday, July 28, 2009

hace calor


I felt like we were battening down the hatches for a storm. It's supposed to get up to 108 degrees today, which is ridiculous for western Oregon.

Before work this morning, I watered the garden, put the rats in the travel carriers and put them in the bedroom (the only room with AC). The dog is in her crate in there, of course, and the door is shut for fear the poor little unit kills itself trying to cool the whole house. The cats must try to survive with out AC, but I filled the water dish to the brim which always attracts them to drink more (and play in it and splash it all over the kitchen floor). I also shut all the windows and blinds, which should keep it below 90. The cats (whose ancestors lived in the desert) and the snake (ancestors from central America) will probably survive.

Anyone else beating the heat?

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