Friday, September 18, 2009

Behold the carnage

Labor Day evening we had a little adventure. I'm only sharing about it now because our house is finally returning to normal. I've successfully made it to the "and now we can laugh about it" stage of this little journey.

Here's a tip, kids: don't try to multi-task while a quart of vegetable shortening is boiling on the stove. Fun fact: an electric stove does in fact put out enough heat to cause Crisco to spontaneously combust.




Another fun fact: when you use a dry chemical fire extinguisher in a room, it will get on EVERYTHING in that room. Including things inside cupboards and refrigerators.



Katie said...

Wow. Impressive. A tremendous bummer I'm sure, but an impressive one!

CyborgSuzy said...

That's my new motto: if you're going to set something on fire, you'd better make sure there's impressive but mainly cosmetic and easily fixed damage to show for it!

jan said...

That is worse than my experience of having a dozen eggs boil dry and exploding. Well, maybe about the same.