Monday, September 7, 2009

Wildlife Safari: Zebra


The guidebook didn't say what type they are. They look like plains zebras to me.


retrieverman said...

Most likely, they are the Burchell's subspecies of the plains zebra. Those are the most common in captivity, and they have the phantom striping.

CyborgSuzy said...

You're probably right. Or, the old fashioned name, Damara zebra.

While looking around the web for zebra and zebroid info, I came across this interesting website. Apparently, they have judged, in-hand halter shows for zebras!

I wonder how well we'll be able to domesticate them? Zebra hybrids seem to be becoming more popular, and the biggest obstacle to their popularity is their 'wild', unpredictable temperament. Zebra stallions that are willing to mate with horse mares AND have a nice temperament are already sought after in some circles. I suppose all it would take to start the domestication process in earnest would be one zebra ranch with a breeding program aimed at calm temperament.