Wednesday, March 10, 2010

dog and coyote howling together

Photo by Shreve Stockton

I don't know how many people read The Daily Coyote , but it seems to get a sizable audience.

I'm very skeptical of anyone keeping a wild or hybrid as a pet, but the author of this blog is an example of how it can be done right. I've read her book. Her success (and it wasn't an easy success, either) is probably only because of her unique situation.

The images of Charlie interacting with his dog and cat companions fascinate me. Whatever my mixed feelings of keeping a coyote as a pet, I can't get enough of these photos .

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Retrieverman said...

I love her blog.

I also love what she says about people coming to meet Charlie. You can't. Coyotes bond to just a few people and other animals. Once they've bonded, they have no ability to trust others.

And that's precisely why it's such a bad idea for the average person to go digging up coyote puppies, which, in my area, are going to be born some time next month.