Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A link between organic nuts and anti-vaccine nuts

I suspected it was there, but didn't seen clear evidence until now:

"Allowing one-time therapeutic antibiotics is “a slippery slope,” says Ronnie Cummins, national director of the Organic Consumers Association, and would “undermine consumer confidence in organics. It’s the same position [I have] as on human vaccines. They are dangerous, and that’s why I didn’t vaccinate my kid.”

Yikes. Kindly tell the audience which school district your kid goes to so other parents can avoid it like the (heh) plague.

I wonder... if backlash against over-use of antibiotics and pesticides created the current National Organic Standard, I wonder what will be created in the backlash against this unreasonable 100% anti-antibiotics fiasco? My hope is an improved NOP. Pendulum, please swing a tad back toward the middle.

[hat tip to ERV]risk

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Jess said...

Best comment at ERV:

"The "organic farming" bit is depressing, but it does point up an important truth: the best way to be "in harmony with Nature" is to be dead."