Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This, and this and this again

Via Smartdogs: "Let them eat meat - but farm it properly"

The author of this article, an outspoken vegan, is refreshing in his honesty and willingness to admit to changing his mind on a topic he obviously feels passionate about. I, too, feel passionate about this topic, and I quibble with him only about this bit: "...the ethical case against eating animal produce once seemed clear..." Perhaps to you, sir. But for me and my family, who have had the privilege to get most of our animal products from wild game and local, well-treated and humanely slaughtered happy farm animals, the statistics (made-up or not) on factory farmed meat didn't really didn't really hold much sway.

And curses, I now have yet another book to add to my already absurdly long reading list.

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