Sunday, March 27, 2011

It still bothers me

I think Nathan Winograd should read this.

It continues to blow my mind that an otherwise apparently compassionate, intelligent person thinks invasive species are just hunky-dory.


BorderWars said...

I had a thought the other day. The tree-huggers at Stanford (where Winograd's favorite example of TNR exists) managed to get the yearly Big Game bonfire banned by claiming that it was harmful to the tiger salamander which was assumed to live in Lake Lagunita (a man-made pond once used to store water for the Farm).

I wonder, if the bonfire during the dry season wasn't really all that impacting on the TS but perhaps the colony of feral cats that was being supported on campus. Really now, what's likely to kill more salamanders, year round cat predation or a one night bonfire of a few square feet and the accidental trampling of undergrads during one night in winder when the salamanders are probably not even there anyway??

CyborgSuzy said...

I happen to support TNR in a general sense. Obviously it won't work everywhere, but it's better than nothing in many cases, and better than shooting them sometimes, too.

No, what I hate is that Winograd combines the idea of TNR with complete denial that ANY introduced species is bad in any way. It's insanity on the same level as global warming denial. I read his "specism" posts and wonder if he's ever heard of kudzu, or what...