Sunday, May 8, 2011

Double Dew Claws

Male Great Pyrenees.

Double dew claw 3


Double dew claw 2


MTWaggin said...

Okay, I understand why they leave them on - it is part of the breed but by looking at the pictures it appears they took care of clipping his other nails but not those?

Retrieverman said...

My guess is that this dog was out and about a lot, and it wore down its "real' claws.

But... they forgot about those extra grappling hooks that stream down from the hind legs.

Suzanne said...

They are amazingly overgrown, but not into the pad, so it doesn't really matter.

Double dew claws go floppity-floppity.

It's not often you see these suckers shaved. I thought I'd share.

Retrieverman said...

In every other dog but Beauceron and this breed, hind dewclaws are removed-- for a good reason! I think the inbred puffin dogs keep them, too.

They aren't well attached at all.

There are certain strains of fox hound (I think it's the Trigg strain in particular) that have these-- and they are always removed to prevent a tear.