Tuesday, May 3, 2011

my story from today in which no one died

You know that nonchalant way a loose dog has of walking along the side of a busy road, sniffing here and there, unconcerned as a few feet away cars whiz by at 50 miles an hour?

Perhaps the only time the image of a happy, relaxed dog can send spikes of cortisol and adrenaline through the blood.

The front office window has a lovely view of the four lane highway located right outside. Interesting fact: it only takes about 5 seconds to run from the office to the center lane of the highway if you're properly motivated.

Another interesting fact: the highway that is usually full of speeding, swerving, tailgating assholes (especially during the lunch rush) will suddenly be occupied by conscientious drivers totally willing to stop for a arm-waving mad woman and confused dog. Go humanity?

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MJ said...

Save the dogs, save the world!