Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Anecdotal Pit Bull #21, 22, 23


A 4 year old, neutered male "pit bull mix". He stayed over night after a lump removal surgery and I was the one who took him out in the morning to potty and get medicated. Completely unremarkable experience. Mellow, not terribly cuddly. That's about all I remember. Didn't do anything remotely aggressive when I shoved pills down his throat.


From this angle, this 3 year old "pit bull mix" looks like a black Labrador retriever. Her face is more pit-ish, though.


She cuddles, she leans into legs, she DOES NOT WANT to go into kennel runs, thank you very much. But other than STRONGLY DISAGREEING with us on that subject, she wasn't too difficult to treat. She certainly wasn't aggressive.


She's a family pet. She had a kid at home, and she's perfect for it.

Pit bull boxer mix

This 5 year old female boxer/pit bull mix's ears really do stand up like that all the time. They are ridiculous. In this photos she's waking up from sedation after removing embedded cheat grass from between her toes, but she was pretty mellow the whole time, anyway. Her feet were extremely painful when she came in, and though she cried out and struggled during the initial exam, she never showed aggression. Like the black dog above, she also has a kid to go home to.


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anecdotal great white shark


anecdotal bubonic plague


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Anecdotal troll above.