Friday, April 20, 2012

A link for a friday night

Skeptical dog training. Check it out. Nothing that the dog-savvy bloggers who read this haven't heard before, but I'm always interested when two of my interests collide.


Jess said...

I saw that awhile back, too. I was happy to see it, simply because dogs are part of every day life and I'd like to see more skeptical articles that are applicable to boring every day things.

Obligatory defender comment at #19. So, what exactly is scientific or replicable about all that 'energy' talk?

CyborgSuzy said...

This also shows how far behind I am in blog reading.

Yeah, many of the comments were *headdesk*-y, but there was also some good, layman-level discussion about diet, grains/BARF, etc. I was almost sad that no crazies came out with a long diatribe about raw meat or something.

Jess said...

Kind of tells you what kind of blogs the crazies DON'T read, though, doesn't it? ;)