Saturday, October 18, 2008

California Proposition 2

"For the bill to pass, 50% of the residents of California would have
to vote in favor of the bill. If all of these people truly have the
desire for animals to be treated a certain way, they would vote,
daily, with their pocket book. They would, like I have, choose to do
business with farmers that farm with practices that they agree with.
If 50% of the people in California did this, there certainly would be
a LOT more farmers doing it this way to meet the demand. I have very
little tolerance for people who don't want to be inconvenienced by
having to go out of their way to buy meat and eggs from the farmers
that do things the way they prefer -- yet want the government to do
the dirty work for them. Every day these people have the CHOICE to
either buy from free range farms, or buy factory farmed products

Factory farms got where they are because we let them/demanded cheap food. I'm all for mandates like this, but if the same people who vote yes later end up buying cheaper imported eggs when the price for California eggs goes up a few cents, then they're missing the point.

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