Thursday, October 9, 2008

wherein I gush about my dog some more

I just went through my calender, and we've officially been to 9 agility classes. I can't believe we've only being doing it for three months - it feels like forever. It was also, apparently, enough for us to go to our very first competition! Whoo! Except... yeah, I wasn't expecting to be very competitive. I went into it expecting just to have fun and practice and that's exactly what we got out of it. We didn't get a single clean run because Zelda went off course every time to go say hello to spectators. We did, however, end up with two points (I think) because it was a team competition and my partner (heh, the trainer) got points. Pretty funny, and now we have points on the books with NADAC. Good times.

OMG. Our very first off-leash weave pole success - caught on film!!

As of the taking of this photo, Zelda had only touched a teeter-totter about 5 times. Ever. The fact that she was willing to do it for me without a leash says volumes about just how willing, eager to learn, and easy to train she is. And did I mention fearless?


Zelda says: "I worked so haaaaaard."

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