Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flyball is exhausting


We went to our first tournament last weekend. It was a whirlwind tour. I carpooled up to Seattle Friday, had just-for-fun singles racing that night, regular team racing all the next day, and drove back home Saturday night. We were home by midnight, and I was completely wiped out Sunday.

I've learned many things.

1) Flyball tournaments are sort of like sitting inside an idling jet engine.

2) My dog could fall asleep inside an idling jet engine.

3) After all the careful, restrained work in agility class to keep my dog calm and quiet while other dogs are working, there is something cathartic about allowing her to get completely hysterical while lined up during a race.

4) Zelda can be a complete hysterical lunging barking monster one second, and focused and calm the moment she realizes it's her turn to run

5) Zelda is biased against light-colored border collies. It's something I've suspected for a while now, but it's finally confirmed: she takes an instant dislike to merles of her own breed.

5) We finally got her timed: 4.6 seconds. I'm told that's pretty fast.

6) It is stressful to try to drive to the Seattle waterfront during rush hour.

7) Flyball is fun, but I like agility better.

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