Thursday, May 13, 2010

A sad story

This is the story of a dog who loved her rubber disk oh so very much. She rarely got to play with it in the winter time, because the grass was so wet and slippery that her mom was afraid she'd slip and hurt herself while leaping and contorting to catch it out of the air.

So, mostly the dog got to play with a tennis ball during the winter (this becomes important later in the story).

When sunny weather finally came and the disk came out, the dog was so happy. It was so much fun to chase and catch the rubber disk!


Soon the dog got tired. The warm sun made her hot and thirsty. She decided to run to the nearby pond to cool off. She always did this when they went to this park. She took the rubber disk with her. She always took her toy with her when she went to the pond. Toys always float! Right? You can carry a toy with you when you get a drink, that way other stupid dogs won't steal it.

After she got a drink, she realized she couldn't find her disk. She was sure she left it right here! Where could it have gone!


She looked...


And looked...


And looked some more.


She got more frantic. How could they play with the disk if there was no disk to play with?

Finally she ran back to her mom and lead her to the pond. She stood in the water and stared at her pointedly. The dog stared, then looked at the water, then stared at her again. Finally, her mom let out a huge sigh, grabbed a stick, and slid her way down the muddy slope, clinging the rickety foot bridge. She managed to pull the disk out of the water. It was slimy and covered with mud, and mom nearly fell into the pond herself where she likely would have been set upon by the hundreds of bullfrog tadpoles and her bones would lie under the mud and turn into fossils and the dog would find someone else to play fetch with her.

But everything worked out! The dog had her disk back and everyone lived happily ever after.


The End.

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Retrieverman said...

I had a golden that would dive under water to get something submerged.

She was like a seal or an otter.