Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What. The. Hell.

Came home yesterday to a dog lying quietly in her crate, next to this:


My dog, whose number of complaints about being a crate I can count on one hand; who spends almost every day in her crate while we're at work without so much as a peep (according to multiple accounts from the neighbors). Whose routine changed a little two weeks ago, but who hasn't shown many (if any) signs of stress from it. She does this.

This wasn't a brief "whoops my foot got stuck in the bars" moment of panic. This was a major, out of character freak-out. How long would it have taken her to dig through the carpet down to the floor boards with only the leverage of stretching her paws through the bars? She bent all the bars on that one side. She came at it from multiple angles.

Yikes 2

I stood there in shock for at least a minute (while she just lay there calming waiting ) before letting her out and checking her for damage. A small cut on one paw and a small chip on a premolar. That's it.

I want a logical explanation so badly. I'm wracking my brain for how I could have prevented this, but coming up short. Her routine wasn't any different from the last 10 days we've been in this living situation. Except for it being a bit stormy. There's a slight chance that there was a small thunder storm during the day that the weather reports missed. I hope so, because that explanation would be simple and logical.

Whatever demon possessed her appears to be gone. She acted completely normal the rest of the night (she was a bit subdued, but no more than in the past when I've been in a bad mood that she picks up on). I guess we'll find out when I go home today (straight home, no errands for me today).


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