Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Anecdotal Pit Bull #2

Bob 1

This 70 lb, 2-year-old intact male "pit bull type" dog (we later learned he's a lab/pit bull mix) escaped his fenced yard, was hit by a car and brought into the clinic by a good Samaritan. Though luckily no bones were broken, he had a concussion and road rash all over his body. Despite acting confused, fearful, and painful, he never showed any aggression as we poked, prodded, and manhandled him. Luckily, he and his owner were reunited the same day and he went back home with his family. The owner says he's a great, mellow, family dog and loves his young daughter. He said he was so worried when he came home to an empty yard and was very grateful to have his pet back.

For an explanation of what I'm doing here, read this.

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