Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Anecdotal Pit Bull #8: blast from the past


I met Sissy a couple years ago. She was a 2ish-year-old, 35 lb, spayed female "pit bull type" dog (her cage card read "lab/pit bull mix") that I walked several times at the shelter. She liked people. Not very cuddly, but definitely friendly with everyone she met. She had a lot of energy and liked to play fetch. Pulled on the leash pretty bad. She got out twice a day, but being in a kennel most of the time probably didn't help.

All in all, a very average dog. She was adopted by a family. Kind of a boring story, huh? Guess that's why these sorts of stories about pit bulls don't make it to the media.


jen said...

they should though, because maybe more people will see them as just another variety of dog, and not scary killing machines.

this one is adorable. i love the 35lb pittie types, great sized dogs!

CyborgSuzy said...

35 lbs, is, IMHO, the perfect size for a dog.