Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good news!

Yesterday I volunteered at the shelter after a 5 week hiatus. While chatting with the staff, I discovered that while I was gone, Sissee got adopted!


This is the dog who was, in the words of the front desk lady, "practically raised in the shelter". After many months, she was adopted, then sold on craigslist by her adopter, then brought back to the shelter by someone else. There she she sat for several more months. No one could figure out why. I spent time with her; she's a cute, medium-sized, mix breed. Barely OK on leash, and high energy, but many of shelter dogs are like that (or worse!). She was excellent at fetch and very friendly and responsive to people. Oh well, some times these things happen in shelter life. (Yes, I know she's black, but the black dog stereotype is apparently less of a problem in the Pacific NW, and not a problem at all in this shelter).

Anyway, now she's been adopted again. I have higher hopes for this time around. Apparently, the couple were so enthusiastic about her that they came in every day for 2 weeks to spend time with her while they waited to move into a dog-friendly house.

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