Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to misuse an E-collar

Step 1: take your ball-obsessed and under-exercised Jack Russel to the off-leash park. Don't bring a ball or any other toys or treats, but DO be sure to bring the E-collar.

Step 2: go to the off-leash park during the busiest time of day so there are lots of people there playing fetch with their own dogs.

Step 3: release your dog and then stand there for ten minutes as he goes from one person to another, chasing other dogs' tennis balls and getting snapped at for stealing them.

Step4: start calling your dog's name. When he ignores you in favor of chasing someone else's ball, walk him down. When he runs away from you, (almost as if he has some kind of negative association with you), move to step 5:

Step 5: follow your dog around the park as he runs away from you, alternating between zapping your dog with the E-collar and yelling his name while the dog SCREAMS in pain.

Step 6: finally catch your dog, pick him up and carry him half an acre away from the other playing dogs, but still within sight of the balls they're playing with.

Repeat steps 3-6.

(Based on actual events)


Retrieverman said...

Problem solved:

Keep that JRT out of the dog park.

CyborgSuzy said...

I can think of many better choices for this owner.

Stay away from the park; come to the park, but not during peak hours; come to the park, but bring your own toys...