Friday, April 23, 2010

I don't even drink coke

But the bottles are pretty.

More things I've rediscovered while packing (yes, I collect a lot of crap. It's part of who I am I will never stop, DON'T JUDGE MY HOARDING HABITS IT MAKES ME HAPPY).


The bottle on the left was unearthed from my parents' front yard when they had a new septic dug. The previous landowners had lived there since the turn of the century, and probably only had garbage service for half that time. The whole property is like a big archeological site. Dig anywhere and you unearth "treasures".


Look how much thicker the glass is. Even though the old bottle is slightly bigger, it only held 6 fluid oz, while the new bottle held eight.

Oh, and NPR tells me that today is the anniversary of Coca Cola's failed attempt at "New Coke". So, um, congratulations Large Corporation Whom I Have No Loyalty To for hanging in there for over a hundred years, even with huge marketing failures! It's probably mainly because of your pretty bottles.


Jan said...

I always thought New Coke was just a marketing scheme to show that Coke drinkers were loyal to old Coke.

I prefer tea anyway.

Suzanne said...

You could be right. It seems like an expensive way to go about it, though.

Jess Ruffner-Booth said...

I rather liked New Coke. They had the big cans with Max Headroom. I like Old Coke, too. It comes in those cute tiny cans. Guess I'm not that picky.