Thursday, April 29, 2010

this happens sometimes

It's been a frustrating week. Work is being stupid in a boring and personal but frustrating way. My husband is officially moved into our new apartment... five hours away. I'm here in our old place, with nothing but the dog, a futon mattress on the floor, a laptop, and cat hair dust bunnies the size of badgers. My camera memory card is full, but I can't find the card reader to upload to the computer. I also can't find our census form. I'm sure they're going to come knocking on my door any day now and probably arrest me and then who will feed my dog? I also can't find my hiking boots. They're either at my parents' house (to which I will be moving soon) or they're 5 hours away with all my other stuff. Either way, I've had to go hiking in the damp Oregon forests with tennis shoes, which means wet socks.

I hate wet socks.

Anyway, these are some of the last photos I took before everything went to hell:


I sculpted Mr. dragon a few years ago from polymer clay. It was fun (polymer clay usually is), but I skipped important prep work to get to the fun parts, so after it was baked it kept falling apart. I was finally ready to toss him in the trash (it's a big step for me, I'm a horrible pack rat). But before I did, I took photos of him...



... and then ripped off his wings and put them on the cat.


Demon wings look very natural on a cat, don't they?


Retrieverman said...

I hope that makes you feel better

CyborgSuzy said...

There is nothing about winged cats that would not make me feel better. :)