Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Now, about that breed bias...

While we were driving around EVERY FREAKING residential area in 100 square miles on a warm spring day looking for a rental, we saw a lot of dogs. I started keeping a tally of breeds I recognized.

Pit bulls (AST/APBT) - 13
Chihuahua - 10
Labrador - 9
Min Pin - 6
Pomeranian - 5
Border Collie - 6
Golden retriever - 4
Rottweiler - 4
GSD - 3
Corgi - 4
Wheaton Terrier - 4 (all in one yard)
Scottish terrier - 5 (all in one yard)
Jack Russel - 2
Boston terrier - 5
Mini poodle - 1
Dachshund - 3
Boxer - 4
Basset hound - 2
Bluetick hound - 3 (all together in the back of a truck)
Great Dane - 1
Husky - 1
Cattle dog - 2
Standard Poodle - 2
Mixed/unidentifiable by this non-expert - 18

I'm not sure what I'm trying to prove here. I just offer this as further proof that pit bulls are popular pets.

On another, related anecdote, I also saw only one dog chained up (a cattle dog). There were only two dogs roaming at large (a mixed breed and a husky were running full speed around a neighborhood having a grand ol' time, pausing now and then to wrestle each other). The rest were either behind a fence, or lounging off leash near their people.


Retrieverman said...

Are golden retrievers going extinct on the West Coast?

Goldens will be behind pits and Labs if you do a survey here.

Suzanne said...

Oops, I went back and checked my notes and I did in fact see some goldens. A grand total of four.

I edited the post.

Dog Breeds said...

This tally only shows that there are many dog breeds. In fact, I read from that there are around 400 dog breeds of every imaginable size, shape, color and temperament. And this diversity is invented by humans.